How are we handling the proceeds?

50% of the proceeds will go back to the community or NGOs that helps those communities and another 50% will be going back to fund the next book within the same branch. read more

Who are involved in the project?

We love to see ourselves as by the community for the community. All our team members are volunteers, they have their day job and they help in the project on their free time. This including illustrators, writers, interviewer, coordinators, marketer and more.

What should I do if I want to be involved?

Shoot us an email at support@storiesfrom.io

I have an idea for the book for Stories From, how can I proceed?

Reach out to us! One of our key initiatives/goals, is to make Stories From a project where anyone that have passion as strong as any of our team member to kick off their version of Stories From. We will share all there you need to know to start off and we will share our network with you too!  

Is international delivery option available?

Sorry, for now, we do not provide international delivery services but if you are really interested, please reach out to us at support@storiesfrom.io.