Presales of Dawn of a New Sky

We are proud to announce that we are opening pre sales for Dawn of a New Sky, which is our 3rd book in the series. 

Dawn of a New Sky contains 16 amazing stories from refugee community in Malaysia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myammar and Somalia.

We started Dawn of a New Sky around beginning of 2015, and this is the first project where we are reached out by few passionate volunteers that wanted to take on Stories From modal (read more) and today we are open for pre sales because we want to raise fund to print Dawn of a New Sky.

Our aim for this is to sell 250 units before 30th of November 2015, in order for us to be able to get it out there before Christmas this year! 

We have 2 different packages for you to choose from

  1. Purchase Dawn of a New Sky (Printed & Ebook) 
  2. Purchase Dawn of a New Sky (Ebook)

And we hope you can help us to reach this goal! 

We Thank You for your support.