The Do-gooders

The Do-gooders

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Do-gooder /ˈduː.ɡʊd.ər/ (noun): someone who does things that they think
will help other people, although the other people might not find their actions helpful
(Cambridge Dictionary)

The book aims to redefine the meaning of a do-gooder by displaying their
genuine efforts through 16 inspirational and moving recollections of
real-life individuals in Malaysia who go the extra mile to helping the less
fortunate; living proof that not all heroes wear capes.

From the creators of ‘Almost Home’ and ‘As Life Found Me’, this book
consists of These individuals, also known as ‘The Do-gooders’ shared
their awe-inspiring acts of kindness through various mediums like Free
Markets, Soup Kitchens, Support Groups, Animal Sanctuaries and many others.

This book shares their journey and struggles in fighting for what they
believe in despite the odds. The stories injects passion, empathy, and
diligence into every fighting spirit; to lead on their day believing in themselves and what they (de)fend.

Redefining the term do-gooder